Conceptos básicos de física en forma interactiva

Una serie de tópicos de física clasificados por área, que he cubierto para Wolfram Demonstrations Project son:

demo1 demo4
Time-Displacement Plots When Two Runners Meet
demo5 Subway
Relative Motion of Two Cars Relative Motion in a Subway Station
demo6 demo7
Inertial Coordinate Systems Galileo’s Inclined Plane Experiment
demo8 demo10
Uniform Circular Motion Angular Velocity of a Compact Disc
demo9 demo11
Angular Acceleration Resultant of a Sum of Forces
demo12 demo72
Mechanical Work Newton’s Second Law
demo14 demo15
Inertia Galileo’s Thought Experiment on Inertia
demo2 demo16
Weight of a Person Riding in an Elevator Torque Exerted Opening a Door
demo73 demo18
Hooke’s Law Inverse Square Laws
demo19 demo20
Free Fall on the Solar System Planets and the Moon Projectile Launched around the Earth
demo13 demo21
Conservation of Momentum in a Canoe Ballistic Pendulum
demo3 demo17
Potential Energy of Objects from Daily Life Willis Tower Elevator
demo22 demo24
Mechanics of the Chameleon Tongue Pressure
demo25 demo26
Hammering a Nail into a Board Pressure of a High-Heeled Shoe
demo27 demo23
Spinning Ice Skater Falling Cat
Electricidad y magnetismo
demo29 demo30
The Electroscope Electric Field Generated by Two Point Charges
demo31 demo32
Lightning Faraday Cage
demo33 demo34
Electric Current Alternating-Current Generator
demo35 demo37
Observing Magnetic Fields with Iron Filings Creation of a Magnetic Field by an Electric Current
 The Solenoid
demo43 demo39
Pascal’s Principle Action of a Siphon
demo41 demo42
Surface Tension: Walking on Water The Principle of Archimedes
demo40 demo38
Natatory Bladder of a Fish Equilibrium of a Floating Vessel
demo46 demo44
How Many Balloons Does It Take to Lift a Little Girl? Pascal’s Barrel
demo74 demo45
Pascal’s Syringe Venturi Effect on Blood Flow Caused by Cholesterol Plaque in Arteries
demo47 demo53
Density The Hydraulic Press
demo54 demo49
Regelation Charles’s Law
demo48 demo50
Experiment Verifying Charles’s Law Ideal Gas Law
demo51 demo52
Lung Model Simulation An Experiment with Boyle’s Law
Física térmica
demo55 demo56
Thermal Equilibrium Thermal Expansion of Solids
demo57 demo58
Measuring the Specific Heat of a Substance with a Calorimeter Experiment on Heat Conduction
demo59 demo60
Convection Thermal Motion in a Solid
 Joule’s Experiment
demo62 demo63
Bell Wave Machine Period and Frequency
demo65 demo64
Seismoscope Speed of Sound
Tuning Fork
demo67 demo68
Mirage Nearsightedness and Farsightedness
demo69 demo70
Laws of Reflection Periscope
Física moderna
Television Monitor Based on a Cathode Ray Tube


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