Mathematica vs. Python in my Computational Physics course

Science Learnification

This past year I taught two sections (fall and summer) of Computational Physics at UFV, which is quite a rare thing to happen at a school where we typically run 3rd and 4th year courses every other year. The course was structured so that students would get some initial exposure to both Python and Mathematica for the purposes of physics-related computational tasks, and then as the course went on they would be given more and more opportunities to choose between the two platforms when completing a task. This post looks at the choices made by the students on a per task basis and a per student basis.  From a total of 297 choices, they chose Mathematica 62.6 ± 2.8% (standard error) of the time. Two things to note. First, there is a small additional bias toward Mathematica because two of the tasks are more Mathematica-friendly and only one of the tasks…

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